Hamilton is a multidisciplinary production designer from California.

He is a visual storyteller specializing in bespoke, immersive environments.

His inventive designs have transformed spaces on both coasts and in the UK.

Professional experience includes lighting design/programming for music and events.

Based in Brooklyn, NY.


His creative process relies on the collaborations of diverse teams where curiosity, thoughtful analysis, and experimentation produce immersive audience experiences.

Whether designing for stage or film, he believes cross-pollination between disciplines is vital for bold, imagistic designs.

His specific interest in new works integrates a holistic approach — synthesizing visual research, dramaturgy, politics, and pop culture.

Hamilton's expanded arts interests encompass: architecture, public art, interactive projection, multimedia installations, and site-specific performances.


Education:  NYU Tisch (MFA Design).  UC Berkeley (BA Theater).

Training:  University of Leeds (Performance Design).

Contact:  hello  [at]  hamiltonguillen  [dot]  com