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scene r-eco-ver acts as a “choreographic anthropocene” of chance procedure, depicting a soulless wave of climate catastrophes in Northern California resulting from linear, human processes that override cyclical, natural processes. Each performance consists of four 15-minute sections:

RINGS – an odyssey through the blip of human history inside the vastness of the geological timeline.

PROFIT – the economic takeover of sacred lands resulting in a hellish burnout.

FALLING – a moment to briefly witness few out of the many long term consequences of ecological deterioration on our species.

CHARCOAL – an evacuation from death through sustainable recreation.


The 3 dancers, all in chalk-lined bodysuits and accompanied by a nebulous wall projection from beginning to end, juggle the eco-scenographic paradox of existing in an age of deforestation, combustion, and erosion that longs for renewal and relief. 

Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş

Hamilton Guillén

Camilla Dely

WSD 2022 Proposal

Workshop at Scenofest

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